Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why Kerala voted against Modi?

Kerala has achieved two party system much earlier compared to other states of India. But the tragedy of this bipolar arrangement is that both groups support Dynasty led Congress at Delhi. In that way, they are like SP and BSP in UP. While they fight each other at state level, when they reach Delhi they join hands to strengthen Sonia Parivar.

Even though these two political groups called as LDF and UDF fight each other to mislead common man, once the curtain is pulled down they share drinks together. They protect each other for any wrong doing done by other group .It gives both groups freedom to kill, loot and do whatever they like including indulging in sexual adventures. Even notorious scam accused can escape unhurt and continue to be rulers and ministers. Looting money is not a sin at all as politicians are in the business to make money.

This protective system or arrangements between outwardly enemies on either side make politicians of Kerala bold enough to do anything. Killing those you do not like will not get you punishment in a court of law as group in power will help group out of power to escape legal proceedings. If you loot in crores, you only have to give a cut to friends on other side.You will be declared innocent due to “lack of evidence”

Both Pinarai and Chandy group leaders on either side have a common quality of being arrogant while talking to media and helpless people. They are arrogant to the extent of not bothering about severest criticism with all evidence against them. While living and travelling all over Kerala have never come across a single human being who talks good about Pinarai.He seems to have paid or managed all his party committee members at all levels .No one talks against him or even tell that his views or actions are wrong. In that case, they are similar to Congress men who never find anything wrong with Dynasty members. They can only do right! Few people had doubts about Chandy some time back. With three years in power he erased all those doubts in minds of people and now he simply do not bother about allegations against him

In this LS election, Cong led group have got 12 seats and Pinarai led group got 8 seats. Pinarai has a habit of pushing his allies out during every election. This time he managed to push out RSP and only another so called Communist party called CPI is the only party worth mentioning with him now. No one should worry about Communist tag for party of Pinarai or CPI.They have nothing to do with Communism. They do everything other political parties seemingly opposed to Communist parties do with more cruelty and aggression.

Only Cong led group have two parties with reasonably good following. One is Muslim League which has almost blind support of entire Muslim community which has majority in northern Kerala. So their candidates continuously win all elections with high margin without even a whimper of protest from opposite side. Other party with congress is again a communal political outfit of Christians and that too more of Catholics

Even though Hindus form majority of Kerala especially in mid and southern part of Kerala, their continued association with Cong and left parties in spite of getting nothing in return for the support push out BJP from gaining any respectful share of votes or seats. Even with Modi wave,BJP got only 11% votes with no seats.

Only workable strategy for BJP to gain roots in Kerala is by following two steps:

1.Try to increase Hindu vote share possibly by aligning more with religious Hindu outfits like SNDP(lower caste) and NSS(upper caste)Common people among Hindus do not gain anything by rule by LDF or UDF.Only leaders of Hindu outfits gain personally during any group in power

2. Try to wean away Kerala Congress from Cong led front. Kerala Congress leader K M Mani aged above 80 still has two unfulfilled ambitions: One is to become CM of Kerala and other is to make his son a Central Minister. If BJP can offer to fulfill his ambitions, he will be willing to play with BJP.

Gaining more Hindu votes and getting Christian votes through KM Mani can push up BJP in to power in Kerala leaving behind Muslim League isolated and dying Cong to go fast to its grave. No one will cry for death of Cong or CPM in Kerala.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

For India,era of hope for new life from age old slavery to aliens

Italian Dynasty looted us for long after buying all those Indians who acted like enemies of India. They sold India to Italians like Judas who sold Christ to his killers by taking money. They got wealth, comforts,luxury and power for selling India to Italians. That included entire Main stream media, Election commission ,even constitutional bodies, and some bad elements of judiciary too. Even if Indians voted against them, they could overcome it by manipulating EVMs which election commission appointed by them will never question. In this election they cud do such evil acts of overriding votes of people only in some places thanks to changes in EVM functioning brought in by legal battles of Dr.Subramanian Swamy
We have seen a single individual,Mr.Vinod Rai who was CAG who fought against dynasty and revealed their loot withstanding even threats to his life
Just look at what happened after retirement of Mr. Vinod Rai as CAG .Dynasty replaced him with an yes man.No more scams reported!
All Congress men and those who vote Congress or Left parties are traitors of India as they want Italian looter dynasty to continue looting India pushing Indians to price rise and poverty for ever so that old slogan of Indira Gandhi can be used for ever:"Gareebi Hatao"
One man who started life as a tea seller dreamed high. He dared to work alone to liberate India from Italian looter when other Indians accepted it as their fate. With the help of media purchased with huge looted money, Dynasty managed to make people all over India believe that Narendra Modi is some one like a demon out to kill all Muslims in India. They chanted secularism without doing anything for Hindus or minorities. They tried to make an illiterate foolish drug addict Prince PM of India just for their fun. They never bothered when Pakistan beheaded our soldiers or China forcefully invaded our land .It was not something bad for them as long as their loot continued
As a Keralite I bow my head in shame when Keralites voted those Congress Ministers who played hard with a notorious Saritha and even a minister who managed to kill his third legal wife and escaped without even a case against him
Keralites cannot claim to have slightest patriotism after voting for those who want to continue looting by Italians, Kerala gave all 20 LS seats to Dynasty slaves.
Narendra Modi fought against the mighty even though everything and everybody was against him. He fought single handedly and won India freedom from Italian looters. With the amount of intelligent hard work he did I simply cannot believe that he is a mere human being. May be God himself might have felt pity to hapless crores of Indians and sent him to save us and our future generations
A new dawn is coming. Professionalism will replace eligibility for being in power instead of slavery to Italian.
India is taking strides in to new era with Narendra Modi leading Indians to life of prosperity, peace and as he said. Good days are coming

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Free Consultation,09,March,2014

1.Building rules


I have built a new house near my old house and the distance between them is 2 meter in front and from middle to rear end it is only 1.2 meter.Is it allowed.if not please advice me a rectification

My reply

I can comment on it only after a site visit.

You are supposed to carry out construction activities as per Building rules in consultation with a professional in the field.If construction is done violating existing rules,you may have to dismantle those portions violating building rules


I have given token for purchasing a land from an Individual in a Panchayath area of Thrissur. This land was bought by the current owner in 2008 and he has done 'Pokku Varavvu' in panchayath and also he is paying regular Land tax.

This property was bought in a gated communitty where in the previous owner has not taken Land Development approval from Panchayath to split up his 1.7 acre land. Hence currently the Panchayath is not ready to give Building permit. And also no house has been constructed in the said Gated community.  

As the land has been sold to different persons, now there is no option to extend the road width from current 4mt to 5mt ( as panchayath per panchayath rule).

Kindly let me know, what could be done in such a scenario to get Building permit


My reply

As per rules person who sub divide and sell plots of land should get division of land approved by Regional Town planning authority whether plot is in panchayath or other areas.RTP may insist on specified width for inner roads,drainage facilities etc.So you should buy land only after verifying that your seller has got RTP approval in writing



.I am planning to construct a home (nalukettu) in Aluva, the plot size I am having is 18.6 X 18.8 m,Can you please advise me whether this is enough for a nalukettu with 3 bedrooms, living, dining, study and kitchen.



My reply

a Nalukettu type of house should have the following features in addition to what you may require for the house to call it Nalukettu type of house

1.Poomukham which is an extended sit out projecting towards front portion of house connected to verandah

2.Chuttu verandah which is an open covered space with usual width of 5 feet.It was around the house in the earlier days.Now restricted to front portions of the house

3.Nadumuttom or inner court yard open to sky

Basically without studying site conditions,your requirement details it is not practically possible to state exact dimension needs for the house

A Nadumuttom which is an open space in middle is not preferred these days due to security reasons and weather conditions in Kerala which is rains for nearly six months.There will be problems of pests like mosquitoes in an open to sky arrangement

If you are particular about having a Nadumuttom ,it can be done even with these dimensions.But basically these things can be confirmed only after preparing a Basic plan and site study


My name is Kabeer and i am working in Qatar. I have decided to construct a house of plinth area 1500 Sq. feet (single floor). I am thinking to do the Column - Beam structure and Asbestos sheet partitions for the inside wall. In this regards i need your advice in the following things

  1. Which cost is more for the inside partitions with finishing Asbestos or Block work?
  2. Is there any health problems while using the Asbestos sheet.

Waiting for your favorable reply. 

My reply

If you want a good house to be built with your money,first of all you should avoid trying to be Architect and Structural Engineer for your house.Leave that role to experts even though money is yours.A house construction require getting the services of a qualified experienced professional from beginning to end of construction.He will advise you on all aspects.You should not try to get bits of information from any one you come across.

House Construction


I am confused to decide to select what type of flooring best for our new home . I came to know that many people experiencing leg pain due to tile flooring. But our builder telling that it is because of vitrified tiles and if we use ceramic tiles, leg pain will not occur. Our budget for flooring is around Rs. 50 per sft. Sir, Kindly guide me in this

My reply

Vitrified tiles ,ceramic tiles,granite and marble are not healthy materials for flooring.Clay tiles and wooden flooring is good on health point of view.While doing finishing work of house,you need continuous guidance from a building consultant and definitely not from your contractor.

You need advice and guidance of a qualified and experienced person to know various options available to you, latest trends and ways and means to decrease cost while improving utility and appearance of the building.

Look at some of the pending works

1. Putty finish for walls and painting

2. Flooring and toilet wall/floor tile laying with latest trend designs/patterns

3. Plumbing and sanitary works

4. Electrical wiring and fittings

5. Interior woodwork like modular Kitchen, cupboards and Interior lay out design

6. Furniture work with woodcarving

8. Land scape design, arrangements and much more

We can undertake these after structure work by providing professional guidance and expert workers

To assess work already done in the house and to suggest/advise on pending works to be done I can visit your site and give proper guidance


I am planning to construct a my dream home in a plot where  nearby houses exhibits wetness from under (walls are found peeling and wet from down). there is a  canal stream within 500mts. people say there is "adee-ozhukuku". kindly please advice us on the most suitable foundation for a 2storeyed house. lack of experts in our locality has added to our agony. seeking your professional advice at the earliest.

My reply

I cannot make suggestions on design without site visit and study of your needs for building.Basically the question of type of foundation has to be left to qualified and experienced building professional.Even though you are spending money,trying to act as Architect or Structural Engineer with bits of information obtained from any one you meet and deciding on design of building on your own is not good for you and your building


I am residing in Cherthala, the ground soil is firm and is with silica sand

I am thinking of a foundation with rubble packed with this sand under pressured water , bottom portion like to make PCC for 10 cm and the total cavity as 60 cm, Is it okay for the foundation for 1600+600 (FF) sqft house.

Also I have a doubt on the heat generation aspects of solid cement block, clay brick and laterite block, which is better

Looking for your valuable reply

My reply

This is the most important problem in house construction and design in Kerala.Person who spend money for house construction think that house design and construction should be done as he feels.He is not willing to accept the fact that he is not an expert in Engineering or Architecture

Why do you want to avoid a building professional that too the best expert you can find when you are going to make major investment in your life spending almost major part of your earnings in a life time?

Involvement of an expert with experience and knowledge  will get you the following if not more

1.Right design for the house which can get you better facilities at lesser cost

2.Better utilisation of your limited space and money

3.Advantages of latest technology which you may not even be aware of

4.Continuous professional guidance from beginning to end of construction

We are one of those professional agencies based at Cochin which can give you the best expertise to save your money and get you a better house by design and construction.Mail to me to

or call me

0091 9388701702

0091 9388701700

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Free Consultation,1,December,2012

House design and Construction


Construction of house in earlier paddy field

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am having 91 cents of paddy land which was given to me by my father through his VILL under Guruvayoor Municipality.   Since many years there is no any cultivation. Half portion of the paddy land has been filled and big coconut trees, mango trees and bamboo are there.  Half of the portion is not filled and laying un-cultivated.  I am a retired Army person and presently living in Bangalore due to my children education.  

Now I want to come to native and construct a house in the land given to me.  But as per rules people are saying that permission will not be given to construct a house in paddy land.  

Please advise me the action to be taken for construction of a house in the paddy land.  I do not have any other land.

Looking for your valuable advise.


My reply

Do not simply go by what people say. You have to enquire with town planning section of Guruvayoor municipality by giving specific details about the plot like copy of your title deed ,survey No's and location sketch. If you need for us to depute some one to Guruvayoor to make enquiries, we will let you know charges applicable. If you can get services of a local Architect/Engineer with license for local administration, they will check up status and let you know how to proceed on the matter.


House design and construction by a Civil Engineer

I go through your blog and i felt its quite interesting. I have one query regarding the permission obtaining from panchayat planning to build a 2100 sft house in my 12 cent plot and it is near to 2 meter width panchayat road. My doubt is can i get permission directly without any help of a civil engineer to build a house there from panchayat as my wife she can draw the diagram and do other things by herself (she is a civil engineer).  Is there any new rule if build a house more than 2000 sft?

My reply

You need services of an Architect/Engineer who is well versed with Building rules to proceed on the matter. Just by passing B tech/diploma in civil Engineering from an educational institution do not make any one capable of designing the best house possible.

Even after designing Basic plan, you require detailed Architectural/Structural engineering drawings, information and guidance on latest technology adopted in the field/latest trends etc. Thus from beginning to end of house construction you need services of  a well qualified and experienced professional. Probably engineering education of your wife may help her understand the professional in a better manner than a lay man and it may help in interacting with the experienced professional better.

I am not aware of any new restrictions for house construction above 2000 sft plinth area

2000 sft single floor house

2000 sft plinth area,three bed room  single floor house designed by us with two bed room attached,another bed room with common toilet and wash area close to it and dining space,with all usual facilities like separate living,dining,Kitchen,Work area,car porch,spacious sit out with wooden charupady and traditional Kerala Architecture Poomukham

Have a look at the Elevation and contact us if you would like to have the design or build a similar house by our professional team in your land.

joseph koshy-29-11-13

Email me to

or Call 9388701702,9388701707 ,9388701700

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Free Consultation,28,Nov,13

House Construction


My contractor is charging 1475/Sqft only for the cement an metal work without flooring, wood work, toilet work . ..etc Is it too much?


My reply

Square feet cost is a vague term which has no scientific basis. For a manufacturing activity which takes not less than one year to complete with hundreds of materials and quite a  few different type of labour for which cost goes up everyday, contractor is making a wild guess or gambling by giving a square feet rate. If there are hundred contractors each of them follow different standards(If at all they have any standards),different materials of different quantity, with different capability workers .

How can you compare rate of one contractor to another? As you will not give work without quoting a square feet rate, he is giving you such a rate. If he is smart ,lucky and capable of doing compromises in quality of construction without you noticing or understanding it, he may make good profit in spite of rising cost of all inputs. Unless you have a professional design, detailed implementation drawings by qualified experienced professional and mechanism to check construction going on, contractor will work as he pleases to get more profit


we are building our home and in the foundation above ground level, my mason told me to fill m sand clay so that no fungal problem later. is it right or better use the red sand for filling?


My reply

Red sand or gravel filling is fine if you use powdery form with forced filling of sand with water.To prevent pest in future,you have to get pest control treatment of inside basement and outside.There are professional agencies doing such pest control treatments.You can have a consultation visit by me to your site.

During the visit, I can study your problem in detail, take measurements from site and check on following aspects related to building/plot

1. Vasthu compliance

2. Architectural defects if any and improvements/modifications possible

3. Structural Engineering defects if any and improvements/modifications possible

4. Advice on future works related to building /plot

5. What our company can do to improve your construction work by quality, cost reduction and value addition of space

Write to

or call 9388701702,9388701707,9388701700


I would like to build a economic house at my plot in Kannur which is 70 cents.

I want build a house with Nadumuttam and with 4bedrooms. Approximate cost may fall to 50lakhs.

I need a consultant to site survey design complete drawing vasthu based traditional house.

What is the cost of consultation. How is it calculated? I have local contractor. Design must be introduced to my contractor. Please help me.


My reply

For building Design and Construction ,all architects are not alike.Each differ from other based on qualifications,talent,and exposure to design and construction of house.Naturally each person charge you in a different manner.

Even contractors differ from each other.I do not understand how can any one compare rates given by different contractors who do work in different manner with different engineering and quality standards

If we have to act as consultants for your house design and construction,we have to first visit site,study site conditions,discuss with you in detail on your needs for house and then start working on appropriate plan of the house for you which is the most important part of designing and building a house.Once the plan is discussed and finalised,we move on to construction either directly or as consultant in case you have a local contractor.

When we take up work directly and even when we act as consultants we give proper professional detailed Architectural and Structural Engineering drawings for each stage of construction to ensure that your house is not built as per convenience of an almost illiterate contractor simply to increase his profit while talking nicely with lots of smiles to you

In our projects each work is monitored properly to ensure the best possible and best engineering/Architectural standards.While we offer to give you good elements of traditional Kerala Architecture,we ensure that latest technology /trends are available to your only house.In short,goodness of tradition with excellence of modern technology


Dear Sir, I have gone through your blog and it is very informative. 

Please clarify my doubt on construction of Hostel. I have a 3 cent plot near to techno park and would like to construct one Executive Hostel for bachelors. My doubt is,whether it is possible to construct a 3 storey hostel in 3 cents of land? 

How may rooms can be constructed legally, in a 3 cents of land?

Do we require any special approvals for constructing lodges/ hostels?

Thanks in advance for your help,


My reply

Cents do not give any idea on frontage available close to road.Cents of land indicates only area of land.Specific side measurements are required to know how much can be built.Positions of roads nearby is also important.A local Architect/Engineer will be able to guide you on this after a site visit.You can also check with concerned local authority office with specific details of the plot like Survey No and location

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Haripad House,nearing completion

Compound wall and gate with different style based on traditional Kerala Architecture and modern architecture elements.See pictures:



Front Main door in teak wood with hand carving using features of traditional Kerala Architecture with excellence in hand carving.See pictures:


Stair case with hand carving in Kerala Plantation teak wood.The best you can get with traditional glory of Kerala Architecture.See pictures:


Front views of the house

This 3000 sft plinth area house with four bed rooms and all usual features of a modern house is also pleasant in external appearance with richness of Kerala Architecture features.Once,hand carved teak wood charupady is added to traditional Poomukham,this house turns out to be another unique work of Architect Thomas Viruvelil.A house you can be proud of being an achievement in your life time and almost a dream house,come real.

If you would like to have a similar dream house,contact


See few pictures of front views:



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hand carved teak wood Stair case with a difference,Cherthala House

Cherthala house designed and built by us has a special hand carved teak wood stair case.You cannot see a similar stair case any where as each of stair posts are carved by our expert craftsmen in the form of a tree.See the pictures:


If you need a similar or a different type of hand carved stair case for your house even if it is not designed and built by us, write to

or call